YTAC Founding President’s Letter







On October 15th, 2000, Mom called me while my parents were on vacation and told me that Dad had felt ill and had gone to a hospital. Doctors had found a tumor that turned out to be cancerous. The hardest six months of my young life followed that day, and one of the bright spots I remember from that time was the warmth and encouragement I got from friends who had experienced what I was going through. It was a great feeling for my family when we received the news that Dad’s cancer was in remission, but I didn’t snap back into my old way of thinking. I wanted to reach out to all the people who had reached out to me; I wanted to give back.

When I began to search for an outlet to be proactive in the fight against cancer, I explored several options, but none seemed to offer the kind of involvement I was looking for. There are hundreds of groups and organizations that benefit cancer, but I found very few that harness the energy and desire of young people who want to do more than volunteer a few hours or write a check. YTAC is designed to reach out to all young people who want to be more active in fighting all kinds of cancers. There are obvious limitations to targeting young people in terms of time and resources, but YTAC is set up to be more of a grassroots organization whose success depends on size and motivation. YTAC is run 100% by its members, a group of highly motivated young professionals, who are committed to raising money to fight the many kinds of cancer that have affected their loved ones.

Although YTAC began in Houston, the organization has been set up to grow across the state into other Texas cities. The success of the Houston chapter will serve as the model for all future chapters. This is such a great opportunity for us to work together. Through social and volunteer activities, YTAC members interact with each other and the community. If you would like to support our organization and become active in the fight against cancer, I would encourage you to become an annual member of YTAC.

Stuart Bernstein
Founding President
Young Texans Against Cancer