Kiss My Grits

What is Kiss My Grits?
Kiss My Grits has evolved from a couple bartenders and chefs to last year’s over 10 chefs and 8 bartenders. The chefs battle it out with their creation of a dish comprised of anything they want as long as it contains grits and some type of protein. Bartenders compete in a southern inspired cocktail challenge. Judges decide winners in each category for 1st -3rd place and there is also a people’s choice in each category. The event itself includes music, food, drinks, a silent auction and lots of fun.

Where Does the Money Go?

Each year, YTAC has a grant application process where organizations such as research, volunteer, support, etc. can apply to become one of our yearly beneficiaries. We as a board choose our beneficiaries based on several factors such as level of need, amount of other support, ability for us to become involved, years established etc. Each year we give to different organizations and believe in keeping a balance of research, volunteer and support organizations that we give to.

For more information, to join the committee or if you’d like to be a sponsor of the event, email